May 16, 2009

Book Review: rescue your nails by Ji Baek

Hello all,

I am one to always do extensive research on anything before jumping into it and recently read a book that I wanted to share with you. This week I read "rescue your nails" by Ji Baek, the founder of Rescue Beauty Lounge, New York's top nail spa. This was a really easy read ladies, and trust me I am not an avid reader.

Although most of the tips in the book were common knowledge to me, I did learn many new things and will put several of them into play starting with my very next manicure tomorrow. Basically she explains how you can do your own very professional, and efficient manicures and pedicures at home for half the cost or little of nothing. She introduces some excellent solutions and ideas using things already in your home that you would probably discard anyway. Ideas such as using facial moisturizer as hand cream and facial scrubs and cuticle scrubs.

I was enlightened by her method for sterilizing your home equipment (something I never even thought of doing) and her opinion and advice on metal vs plastic manicure supplies. This book is located on Amazon and is very, very, affordable like less than $1.00 used so if you get a chance you should really check it out and take your hands and feet to the next level.

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