May 5, 2009

Mini Haul

One of the first things you will learn about my blog is that yes it is about nail polish and I visit many luxurious blogs weekly to see what is the latest and new out there, but it is also about spending wisely and finding the best deals on the best deals (if you know what I mean). I'm sorry I love pretty things but you will never, ever, ever, ever, see me spend $9.00 on a bottle of nail polish. I just can't afford to do it, so I shop around.

This week I found some good little deals at Big Lots that I wanted to tell you all about, Big Lots is like my all time favorite store to find discounts so i check in there several times a week. This week I found Revlon limited edition dark and sheer pleasures nail polishes for $1.50. Now I checked around on the web and these are now discontinued but they retailed at about $8-$9 a bottle so that is a good deal. I also found a design polish at family dollar and a few other things in the picture. All under 2 bucks check em out.


Chick Vision said...

OMG I'm the same way, too. I'm so cheap, and proud of it, too. When I first started this nail thing, I went right down to Walgreen's and bought their cheapest polish. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know Big Lots sold polish, too. I'll have to head down there this week to see what they have. :)

HardyMem said...

You are so welcome, thanks for visiting

Nikki said...

Thankyou for becoming a follower on my new blog...we can be newbies together.
I like you cannot afford lots of high end polishes but I look around for the best deal and if they are the right price I get them.
I love eBay for great bargains....bought 20 bottles of Maybelline for £15 last week, just waiting for them to arrive.
Nikki x