May 2, 2009

My Very First Post

Wow I can't believe it, after stalking so many nail blogs I finally decided to make my own. Well I have been interested in doing nails for a long time and have always did home manicures and pedicures. I have a special preference for natural nails, but nothing against the acrylics. I just prefer natural for me. I will have to admit, I have not updated my collection in quite some time and a lot of my polishes are very old, yet still serve their purpose. However I am ready to step into the present and get some new stuff and some new looks.

For now I will show you my current OOOLLLDDD collection and you will see me update weekly and give you my weekly looks, tips, info, whatever. Without further ado, my collection:
The blues, not many but still I use them, mostly on toes though.

This is the clears, base and top coats, and mostly french manicure sets, at some point I must have been really into those!

Greens - aahh love these, one of the colors I must stock up on!

Pink, what can I say I am female!

Reds, burgandy, thought I had more!


After assessing my collection, I know I need much more high quality polishes, holographics, chromes, shimmers, metallics whew I better get to work. Tata for now.

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