Sep 29, 2009

New Poll

Hey ladies,

I added a poll to the left because I am always conflicted when I break a nail. I see so many ladies on the web with long natural nails and I wonder: Do they ever break a nail? or is it just me and if so are they just repairing them or is there something I don't know?
Help me out and let me know what you do. If you answer something else, please leave me a comment below and tell me what you do.

PS: Walked a mile yesterday morning, no extra exercise and could barely get out of bed this morning I am so tired. I think it is the change in weather but I will be sure and do something tonite.


Glittermillie's Nails and Sparkle said...

I used to try and repair breaks but the thought of them being there under the polish drove me crazy so I just cut and file now. Luckily for me I don't get many breaks and my nails grow really fast so it's rare that I have to make the decision!

gildedangel said...

I break my nails a lot, I try to repair them when I can though!

Pam said...

Thanks guys Glittermillie I'm going to check your page tonite to see if you have what you are using listed because it seems I get more breaks than ever now that I'm being careful.