Oct 25, 2009

Good evening all,
I hope that everyone has had a good weekend, mine has been pretty slow but did do a couple of nail designs this week. This one I wasn't too proud of but will show it off anyway. The blue things are supposed to be flowers but they did not turn out quite like I wanted them to. This look is another inspired by look from luv4nails on YouTube. She has awesome designs and I plan on trying a couple of them. The color is Zoya and I can't remember which one but if someone really wants to know contact me and I will dig in my stack and find it. Pretty easy on the rating scale just solid color, lines then dots for flowers. Don't know why it is not as cute as I wanted it to be, but oh well.


gildedangel said...

They def. look like flowers, I think it's really cute!

Lucy said...

I love this look. You come up with a very different look each time. Don't be so hard on yourself.