Nov 14, 2009

Nail Gift Exchange and Haul

I wanted to show what I got from my Christmas polish exchange. I received my gifts from Anne R and her blog is She sent me some great polishes and a really sweet card as well. She has a relatively new blog so please visit and see her work. I really enjoyed the gift and hope to participate in other gift exchanges with many, many bloggers.
My second picture is of my small haul that I finally found. The WetNWild Craze polishes. I have been looking for them forever and found them at Walgreen's earlier in the week. They are buy one get one free right now so if you have a Walgreen's near by hurry and check it out. I got all I could find. I love the colors but they are waaaay smaller than I expected, they are tiny. But I have used the metallic looking one and got compliments on the color the first day I wore it. That's all the nail reporting I have for now. Ta ta!!

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gildedangel said...

I love the craze polishes! You are really going to like them!