Jun 20, 2010

Pink Cherries

New look last week, I know I haven't been posting much but been working a lot and being in health care like I said they have been really trippin over us wearing nail polish. Just cut my nails down too today but oh well. I really need to start taking biotin again, because my nails have gotten really thin lately. Cute little look I did last week for a bridal shower, Just something quick and cute.

Hope it inspires someone!!


CoCoCosmopolitan said...

You're very talented!
Thanks for following my blog =)

Be blessed <3

Pam said...

NP always glad to support a fellow blogger, thanks for the compliment!

Pretty said...

:-D i like this mani! i like your blog! i love the green grass theme!! it feels really clean/fresh! and your manis r cute! lol

Pam said...


Wow thanks you are too kind.