Nov 23, 2010

Nail Challenge

Okay so I have been really neglecting both my nails and this blog lately. I don't mean to really, it's just that life sort of "gets in the way of the fun stuff." Starting today I am taking an honest vow to care for my nails. I am going to go back to my weekly soaks and scrubs. Make sure I use my cuticle creams daily and nail hardener. I am on a 3 month challenge. I have been scouring the web and have found some good soaking recipes. One from Kawaii-nails on YouTube. I am going home tonight and starting.

If anyone wishes to start with me please feel free to do so. I will post a picture of my naked nails and try to update weekly on what I did that week with my nails to pamper them. Its time to get ready for the new year and I can't keep my wait from fluctuating up and down so I will start with my nails this time.

Please post your weekly routines and tell me what you guys are doing. I am very interested in hearing.

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vainails said...

try organic products so it won't harm your nails that much. like garlic to harden your nails and some lemon to reduce the stains :)