Apr 15, 2011

My Apologies

First off I want to say that I am really sorry that I have not posted lately, life just sort of gets in the way you know. I have been taking a small break from doing my nails weekly because it was just causing too much stress on them. They started cracking, peeling, breaking. Using all that nail lacquer and acetone can really dry them out. I have been using Sally Hanson Hard As Wraps nail gel hardener and it is fantastic. I am going to take pictures of them naked starting this week so you all can see the progress.
In the meantime, I did this manicure a couple of weeks ago, it is one of the all over nail tattoos (stickers) from Art Club I think and I really did like the look, however it did not last a day before they started to peel off. I hope everyone is doing great and still keeping those nails looking sweet.

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DesertNails8 said...

Yeah, my nails are "on a break," too. I'm using Orly Nailtrition to help them. I think using the nail polish remover is what gets my nails in bad shape. My nails are strongest when I only change the color once a week. Of course I love changing the color every day, sigh! I'll have to look into that nail gel hardener you're using.