Jan 7, 2012

I'm A Julep Maven

Hi Ladies, 

I know it's been a long time, Happy New Year.  I have not been doing my nails as much because I have just been caught up in so many other things.  I did want to pop in and tell all of you who don't already know, which I'm sure most of you ladies do about the Julep Maven program.  It is a monthly nail subscription program, for $19.99 you take the monthly quiz and they handpick according to your style products for you.  You get full size nail products and some other goodies each month.  I was an "It Girl" after taking the quiz, but decided to be sent another set and it was not a problem so it is okay if you don't particularly care for what they pick for you, you can go with other sets.  

You are free to skip a month  and not be charged as well just log on between the 20th and 24th every month.  Got my picks today and the colors are beautiful, they also sent me age defying hand brightener and some samples of their glycolic hand scrub.  I'm really excited for this opportunity and if you want to get involved, I will supply my personal link:  http://julep.com/?r=18323267, please feel free to use if you want to, if not just log on and take the quiz and try it yourself.

Hope you are all well, until next time.....

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