Aug 19, 2012

Product Review: Salon Sciences Instant Artificials

I have had a real problem lately with my right hand. Three of my nails constantly split, peel and chip off, the same three always. I have no idea why they are so brittle and prone to breakage, maybe because it is my dominant hand but I bought this product after using many drug store products and after reading reviews. I got it at Sally's Beauty Supply and I want to say it was about $8.00 for a bottle. I have been using it for about 3 weeks, applying twice a week as a base coat. I can say that it does make your nails hard and fills in ridges. When I am wearing my manicure, the fact that those nails are split and thin with ridges is not noticeable at all. Now is if fixing the problem? I don't think so, they are still splitting and peeling. I have to be extra careful with what I do with those nails. I will use it a bit longer, but have already started to investigate other options as it is not a miracle product for me. Have any of you used this product? If so what do you think, am I giving up on it to soon? Any recommendations for products that help are greatly appreciated also.


Kimber said...

Heya! I added you to the 31 Day Challenge list! Our next post is Orange Nails this Thursday. We post every third day, and the list is posted on my blog. Welcome!

I used to use this base coat all the time. I loved it. But for peeling and the like, I recommend NailTek Foundation II. It's wonderful!

Nailista yCo said...

Hey girl! i can relate to you cause i'm also very green in all this...about the Instant Artificials basecoat I can say that for peeling it definitely doesn't work! I haven't found any better basecoat but I've read a lot about Nail Envy by OPI and they say it's the best and its worth every dollar....we'll see..I plan to buy it but not right now (here in mexico it's even more pricey), if you do try it let me know if it is as good as they say :)