Dec 9, 2012

Reviving Short Nails

Hello everyone,

I have been a little MIA since my last entry in the 31 Day Challenge, but I have a very good excuse.  I had major nail accidents when putting up Christmas Decor at work.  I know, "BE CAREFUL" but after putting up 6 trees throughout the building, loads of garland and fluffing many wreaths, my nails really suffered.  I broke two one day then another the very next day, so I decided to cut them down and enjoy the short nails while they grow out.  My intention in this time is to try and focus on nail art and creative looks for short nails.  

Today I have for you the beautiful Zoya Ziv.  This polish needs nothing else to stand out, OMG it is beautiful, applies like a dream in two coats and last like you would not believe.  I got really no tip wear at all after 5 days.  I present to you the beautiful ZIV:
Ziv is part of Zoya's holiday collection available at

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