Apr 24, 2013

Connect The Hearts/Dots (step-by-step)

Lacquer Lovers

Hope everyone is well and still painting their nails.  I am currently wearing this cute look which utilizes two colors as a base: Color Works Myrtle Beach Purple and Zoya's Ali.

Step 1 - Paint all nails except one one color (purple)
Step 2 - Paint an accent nail on each hand (pink)
Step 3 - Take a nail striper one with coordinating colors to the manicure and make a angular V on each nail.
Step 4 - Paint the inside of each V with the opposite color of the base.
Step 5 - Outline the V with dots in the color of your choice, (white)
Step 6 - Apply small glittered hearts or draw hearts if you like
Step 7 - Apply a top coat



illy said...

Love the idea, maybe I'll try it too :)

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Nailista said...

Hi Pam! Long time, no see!!! This design is freaking cute!!!