May 5, 2013

What's In My Stash - Zoya Part I (Polishes I've tried)

I have noticed a lot of ladies do a whats in my stash blog post or video on YouTube to highlight their growing collection.  I thought I would start a series of post showing you my collection.  I am beginning with the one I have the most of which is Zoya.  It is no secret that Zoya is my favorite nail polish brand.  I love everything about them, the earth friendly products they make, the colors, names, bottles, etc.   I have an AWESOME Zoya collection and it continues to grow with many on my wish list.  I will begin with the polishes I have tried already in my collection.

Dea, Godiva, Jana, Dulcinea
Blues: Yummy, Tallulah, Crystal, Marina

Greens: Tracie, Gemma, Midori, Yara, Meg, Wednesday, Zuza

Metals: Trixie, Jules, Ziv, Freja, Richelle

Yellow: Pippa

Orange/Coral: Amber, Gabrielle, Jancyn, OC Cooler, Myrta, Elke

Black/White: Christinna, Purity, Raven, Storm

TopCoats/Special: Gilty, Sparkle Gloss, Maisie, Chloe, Opal

Purple:  Harley, Marley, Malia, Nimue, Hope, Carly, Aurora,
Daul, Jem, Katherine, Ki

Pink: Barbie, Cheri, Ali, Lolly, Kissy

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