Jun 30, 2013

Funky Rock Star French Manicre

Keeping up with the manicures I do is one of the hardest part of blogging to me, besides just remembering to blog.  This is strictly a hobby for me and by no means a full time commitment.  I do love it though and really love when people give feedback, which I rarely get.  I did this look a couple of weeks ago, it is a play on the half moon/french manicure, but not.  It was done totally freehand and I did not use the little circles.  I took the second color all the way to the tip so its not really a half moon.  I got this idea from a couple of you tubers and a you tube video that came on before watching a video.  You know one of the previews that you have to hit skip intro on.  It came out cute but the polishes were not the easiest to deal with, mainly the Julep one.  I used Zoya Carmen, Julep Otte, from the Trina Turk collection and a random silver striper polish.  I hope this inspires someone and you all enjoy.

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