Jun 21, 2009

Let's Talk about Maintenance

Decided to do a post or mutliple postings, divided up about nail care and maintenance. I always get questions on how I maintain my healthy looking nails and what I do to make them grow. I am no expert and my nails break waaay to often for me, I just care and nurse them back to health with TLC. I try not to sweat over breaks (even though they are devestating to me) I just try to move on and continue from that point on. I don't go all drastic and cut all my nails everytime one snaps, or I would never have any. I basically just learn to not fidget or pick with them, file and buff when I get home and start over.

(My naked nails)
I used to have this whole long routine weekly where I would soak my nails in water and solution, then push back cuticles, but now I skip the water step, it was just making my nails soft. I have always had really strong nails and they tend to keep their natural color well, however because they are so hard, they tend to snap at the first hard impact. I have read that they should be strong but flexible and should pass the bend test. That way they will bounce back and not always break when hitting them against something. Above is my picture of my nails with no oils, moisturizer, cuticle cream or anything. I just took the picture so you can get the whole idea.
The Take Off -
I am really not brand specific, I pretty much use whatever works, but I recently started using Pretty Nails, Instant Polish Remover and I love it. It has saved me so much time and headache, just dip finger in swish it around and remove, completely clean in seconds. Affordable, about $1.50 and last quite a while, then toss and buy another.

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