Jun 9, 2009

Bee Manicure inspired by AllNailand Cosmetics blogs

Hey ladies,
My look for the week came inspired from another blogger whose work I admire. Her blog is all nail and cosmetics and the particular post is located here: http://allnailandcosmetics.blogspot.com/2009/05/flying-bumble-bee-nail-design.html. She is really talented and also has a you tube page which showcases her talent. She said if anyone tried her design to let her know so I dropped her a line and hopes she checks out and likes my design. I did change a little and the right hand was very hard to do, as I am right handed, but overall have gotten lots of compliments on this. Hope you all like.

1 comment:

irene.olocco said...

I really really love your bee...
I think that I'm going to try it on my nail