Jun 29, 2009

Quick Fix Tip

I know that all of the diva's who take good care of their nails have heard that you can save a broken nail with a tea bag, some nail glue and a good buffer, but I have a better tip for you all. I broke my nail this week badly on my right thumb. Now I already have two broken nails on that hand and did not want to lose another, especially when I get so many nice comments daily, so I went to Sally's and bought some self adhesive silk wrap sheets. I took some regular nail glue and cut a small piece off and glued it to the broken nail, then I buffed it out. Voila, good as new, I swear you cant tell the difference. Here is a link for the wraps that I purchased: http://www.sallybeauty.com/Self-Adhesive-Tabs/SBS-239175,default,pd.html, they work really well and my nail is still going strong.

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