Jul 23, 2009

Animal Crossing

To the left and right are pictures of my manicure that I attempted to wear last week. It is kind of a childish one but I thought it was cute, however when I went to sleep and woke back up, the pig (left picture second box) decided to lose half his face. So I only got to sport this one day but was cute nevertheless. I need to learn how to use acrylic paints because regular polish and pens don't last very well and that is a bummer when you work hours to draw on nail art and it just peels the next day.


The Princess said...

I love these nails , I think they look really cute.

Lucy said...

You really do a beautiful job of painting. Wish I could do that. What a shame to lost some of your art work. Do you use a topcoat.

Just Me said...

thank you both, I try to be creative and cute at the same time, some days it works some days it doesn't