Jul 27, 2009

Hearts and Dots

This is the current look I am sporting, although I am getting ready to remove it. I just wanted to show you all. I am having surgery tomorrow so I will not be posting any new looks or colors after tonite until next week. It is killing me because my doctor said I can't wear any nail polish until after the procedure and I am dying to do something to them, but will be back in full force after that because I have six weeks of recovery at home and plenty of time to think of new nail ideas.

I wish you all well!
Tata for now


Lucy said...

Good luck with your surgery. Take good care of yourself. Get plenty of rest, you'll need it to heal well. Even little surgeries knock the heck out of you. I pray everything turns out well. I love the nail polish decorations. I didn't think that you had to remove your polish anymore. Oh well, you'll have plenty of time to paint in the next six weeks.

Just Me said...

Lucy you are so sweet thanks for your well wishes, I am home now. Can't wait to do new looks lol.