Aug 2, 2009


Well I am back home and fine, but sore, thanks for all the well wishes. I received my Zoya's (cheap) from last week. They were recommended from makeupalley nail boards but I do not recommend them. Only half of them came and it took about a month and a half to get those. Little or no contact and finally had to get a refund but did receive 5 of them. They were only $3.50 though if you don't mind the wait and the hassle. Below is the haulHave lots of time off and done a couple of looks since been home. I am also studying to be fluent in Spanish on the side so I should be busy the next 8 weeks but not used to being home. I have worked since I was 16, and still not rich lol.


Lucy said...

Glad your home and recovering. Pretty polishes but what a shame you didn't get them all. I've never ordered from that site. Glad you posted it because I won't order there. Nice that your studying to be fluent. I don't know any other languages.

sparklingpinkgorilla said...

I hate to hear this since I've been looking for cheap Zoya polish but this looks like it wouldn't be worth it.