Jul 22, 2009

Dollar Tree Finds

I was in Dollar Tree about 2 weeks ago and was about to give up when I came upon a new stock of nail polishes that they were putting out. They are a brand called Carlo Di Roma http://www.carlodiroma.com/. I did a little research and have placed the link here for you all to check out. overall the polishes were okay, nothing special, I bought 10 of them but there were so many more colors. Apparently this brand was manufactured in Spain and for whatever reason ended up in US in Dollar Tree. I have enclosed some pictures. I can say that I really like the white and there is a really pretty gray that I will upload later this evening(working 2 jobs so kinda busy). For a dollar they are not bad.

1 comment:

Lucy said...

How do these wear? I rarely find anything at my dollar stores. I did find a brand by the name of Jordana. I forgot to look where it came from.