Aug 15, 2009

Random Post, About Me (doll collecting)

This post is pretty random and thought I would take a little break from nail polish to post some of my other hobbies and likes. Along with doing my nails I am a doll collector. I collect mainly Silkstone barbies but have some others in my collection that are not barbies. Silkstones are kind of a cross between porcelain and vinyl but mainly are for collecting and definitely not for playing with.

The material is extremely heavy and can crack. I have a few platinum label dolls (less than 1000 produced) but mainly just regular silkies. I take all my dolls out of the box and are displayed in cabinets so their value has went down, and due to the recession I have only purchased one doll in like the last year but they are a major conversation piece when people come to my house. I have posted some pictures for all to enjoy. Email me if you have any questions about doll collecting, I love talking about dolls and nails. Oh and this is my baby Domino!!

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Lucy said...

Your deog is adorable. Love all your dolls. I love Barbie. Of course I had them growing up. I love looking at them but I don't collect them. I'm so happy that you've taken them out of the boxes. It wonderful to collect but how can you get pleasure if they're always in the boxes. I know your not going to play with them. At least be able to touch their hair and clothes. It's really nice the way you have them displayed. Love the Cher doll.