Aug 17, 2009

Sticker Drama (no thank you)

I had purchased some stickers from Ebay and various other places and have tried several times over the last week to create some cute looks with them.

It did look good though for like a day, hehe

So this was the first look and I liked it but those stickers are cumbersome. I could not do my hair, put on clothes the stickers kept snagging on everything. I put two top coats and you could still feel them when rubbing across the nail.

Second try was mostly striper but I added some little money stickers and was trying to do my "plenty money" look, but those darn dollar signs got hung on everything and I ended up pulling them off before I got where I was going.
Stickers are a pain for me, I would much rather do the free hand art and enjoy the benefits even though it takes longer to do.


gildedangel said...

I can imagine that stickers would be annoying, I completely agree on enjoying free hand art! :)

Lucy said...

I've never used stickers. I wouldn't enjoy them snagging on everything. You could probably do a beter job.