Jan 1, 2010


Good Morning,

I just wanted to take a few moments to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I hope 2010 is a great one for all of us. I will be adding some new things in the next couple of weeks. I just received a wonderful haul from www.dollarnailart.com where everything is a dollar. I was very impressed with them because the shipping was extremely fast, like 2 days and that in my book is always good. I will post a picture soon of the items I got, I am already planning my next order.

I am also thinking of changing the look of my blog for the new year, so if it looks a little different when you visit the next couple of times then just be patient because I like to try on a couple of looks before I decide what I like.

Hope everyone has a great day and remember what my mother always told me, what you do on the first day of the year, you will probably be doing all year, so no worrying, complaining, or stressing, just enjoy your life today.

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