Mar 1, 2010

A Week of Variety

These first two pictures are of my inspirational look from love4nails last nail art that she uploaded on you tube. She is very, very talented and I have so many ideas in my head based on some of her looks. I loved it on her nails however when I put it on mine, because they are not all the same length, it was a bit too much so I did not wear it out. I tried the orange look at the bottom before the one at the top. I really liked it and got many compliments, but it did start to chip. I got very lazy on the flowers as well and started to do just some freehand art on the rest of the nails. Lastly is the look I am wearing now, it looked really good drawn on paper and in my head, but when I put it on my nails, it just doesn't do anything for me so I will be changing this one soon.

Peace and Love til next time.
Stay creative!!