Jul 25, 2010

Another Faux Minx Look

Good Morning Bloggers

Interesting little manicure that I did this week, currently still wearing it but about to remove and think of something new. I intended to recreate another minx type look but didn't have the patience to get all the lines quite right, but still pleased with it. It also lasted quite well without chipping. Got lots of compliments on it this week. Hope you all have a good day.

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Armanda aka Felicidadeprata said...

I Pam thank you for your comment.
I decorate my natural nails and also some friends and family nails.I used fake nails before.. acrylic ones, but just give up the idea.
I don't apply fake nails i only decorate them.. don't know really if this would help..but i tryed.

all the best
felicidadeprata =)