Sep 4, 2010

Love4Nails and End of Summer Look

Hi Ladies
I am a nervous wreck this week. I forgot to mention that my son left for the Army August 30th and I have been just inconsolable since then. I am so worried and wound up all the time. I am really starting to just try and keep myself busy outside of work. I did these two looks in the last week. The first above is just a little messy end of summer fun look. Below is a look inspired by Love4Nails on you tube.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Delaynee said...

I really like both of these - good use of colours!!

Delaynee said...

OH! I forgot to add that I am sending you well wishes - both for you and your son. I had an older 'brother'-type join up in the army. Both times he has been deployed were really terrifying!! But he is doing something very brave and you should be really proud (:

Pam said...

Thank you Delaynee you are too sweet. My son is doing very well starting his fourth week with 6 more to go HOOAH! lol