Aug 25, 2012

Haul - Collective WARNING: Picture Heavy

Continuing with my attempts to make my nails stronger and back to their old state, I purchased the infamous Mavala Scientific Nail Hardener. This nail hardener is not easy to get in the US unless you order online and it is supposed to be kick ass when it comes to bonding and strengthening your split and weak nails. You can only apply it twice a week and only on the tips. Also after putting the Mavala on my tips I will use the Nail Tek II in order for a little protein boost. I am using this as a base coat. I will follow up in about a month to let you all know how these are working. Both of these items were purchased on
Next purchased for myself as a birthday gift along with the items below is the Zoya Fleck Effects Trio. I purchased this on and it includes from left to right: Chloe, Opal, and Maisie. I am a Zoya loving fool so that is all I have to say about this one. Have not used them yet waiting on the proper dark base color to try them out.
Next for the birthday haul I purchased a set of Orly's from I am fairly new to Orly and I really like their formula, colors and most of all the amount of polish you get for your buck. From left to right I have: Jealous Much?, Angel Eyes, Spazmatic, Be Brave, Devil May Care, Sashay My Way, Oui, and Halo. I have swatched all of these and love them all.
This product I won free on a blog entry. It is a fairly new polish company called Diosa, you can find out more about them at I have not tried it yet only swatched and it is a really pretty color. It's called Vegas Pool Party.

Last I ran into CVS the other day and picked up one of the Spoiled polishes that I have heard so much about. They are only $1.99 and I figured you can't go wrong for that price. I did swatch this one it is called Jewelry Heist. It is nothing special at all, it is a normal small round glitter in a clear base. A little disappointed but for 1.99 what can you expect.

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