Dec 18, 2012

Holiday Nails (mobile edition)

Dropping in tonight for two reasons: 1. To show my little Christmas tree accent nail manicure and 2. To try out the blogger mobile app which I'm posting from right now. I know I'm super late but better late than never right?  The main colors I used are OPIs Die Another Day, which is just about the sexiest red in my collection, and OPIs I Vant To Be A Lone Star which is beautiful as well.
The tree was made with random, nail art striper colors. As for the app, it is great for days like today when I took pictures and left my camera (with the pictures still in it) at work, but it is easier to just log on normally and post.  I guess if you post on the go a lot, it is great.  Til next time:  LOVE YOU ALL!

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Very Nice! I like it!

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