Mar 31, 2013

Operation use my old products - Mylar Dragonflies

Honestly the inspiration behind this manicure is just not being wasteful.  I have tons of nail art supplies along with tons of nail polish.  Lately I haven't been using any of the nail art items.  I have made a promise to use the items that I have, before buying new nail art items.  I purchased these Mylar dragonflies probably two years ago and have never used them.  I thought I would create a look with them for Easter Sunday.  One mistake I made is using the nude polish as a background.  I feel a light pastel would have done much better and been more forgiving.  I used for this background Orly's  Pink Whisper (another polish I have had a year and not used).  Overall I like it, however I know it will not last long.  Please forgive the little boo boos I made, this polish was a pain to deal with and shows every little streak.  

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