Apr 1, 2013

Massive Indie Haul :) (picture heavy)

It is safe to say I have become obsessed with some Indie brands.  I don't talk a lot about them on this blog but I really am feeling the indie polishes lately.  Now I had a few to begin with, well more than a few about 15, but recently I have been on a mad search for unique polishes.  I started earlier in March with some polishes I bought from Rainbow Honey.  These polishes always look amazing on the website and in the bottles, but not so much on my nails.  I did love the Yokai Collection that came out last Halloween I believe so I purchased all three of those in full sizes which consist of: Kawako, Kitsune, and Oni which are pictured below:

Next I went to polishsale on live journal, (my new home) and bought some secondhand polishes from random sellers there.  You can get full or slightly used polishes discounted so if you are not familiar with the polishsale community on live journal, please get familiar.  There I purchased mostly Candy Lacquer but had a few others as well.  I then made a stop at llarowe and picked up some Hare polishes, Jade's (my first ones) and one from Pahlish.  They are pictured here:

I got hooked on Candy Lacquer glitters after buying some secondhand, so I bought some at her website when she released them last week, those are shown here:

I also was trolling Etsy this month and found the brand Sparkles By Julie.  She is having a "going out of business sale".  She is based in Hawaii and I am very sorry I found her so late because her polishes are great.  Maybe she will reconsider and sell again some day.  Shipping was super fast from Hawaii and her customer service was great.  Here is a picture of those:
Last few pictures are of my entire haul for the month of Indies and some swatches.  I have the swatches numbered so if you need names I will list them below.

1. Sparkles by Julie - Sugah!
2. Sparkles by Julie - Milky Way
3. Candy Lacquer - Party Girl
4. Sparkles by Julie - Dots N Stripes
5. Candy Lacquer - Rock Candy
6. Candy Lacquer - Frozen Treats
7. Hare - Let Them Eat... What?
8. Hare - Ancient Affairs
9. Candy Lacquer - Surfer Girl
10. Candy Lacquer - Fruit Salad
11. Hare - Oceans of Alloys
12. Candy Lacquer - Love Letters
13. Hare - Pegasus
14. Hare - A Positive
15. Pahlish - Still Alive
16. Jade - Magia - (gorgeous holo polish)
17. Jade - Twist
18. Jade - Velvet
19. Rainbow Honey - Kawako
20. Rainbow Honey - Kitsune
21. Rainbow Honey - Oni
22. Candy Lacquer - Movie Night
23. Candy Lacquer - Sugar Skulls (one of their most popular polishes)
24. Candy Lacquer - White Lights
25. Candy Lacquer - Rarity

I think I am finished with glitter top coats for a while and am looking at buying more holographic indies in the month to come.  I have got several brands favorited on my Etsy so it is just a matter of time before I bite.  Thanks for visiting.  Yall come back now!!

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