Aug 24, 2009

Metallic fruits

Hope everyone had a good weekend,
This look started out as just strawberries, but I got tired, they took too much of a steady hand so I shortened it and did some cherries on some fingers and some rhinestones on others.

I went to see Fantasia and Dave Hollister in concert this weekend with my husband and had done some bright read nails with fiery tips but forgot to take pictures. So I cropped a picture I took before we went out. I only owned one red nail polish, I know that is sad, I have to buy some, I don't know why they are so scarce in my collection. I put strips of orange, red and yellow to make the fire. I'm sorry its not a good picture, but I wanted y'all to get the general idea.


gildedangel said...

Those nails are so cute!!!

Lucy said...

Love your nail art! I love cherries on anything, especially nails. Very cute.

Pam said...

Thanks ya'll I really appreciate the support.